Welcome, have a chocotop

I am Julian, a developer. I have written code at the professional level for over a decade and want now to give back by advocating my tech stack, teaching and public speaking.

A couple of reasons I am starting a tech blog is that I need a place to write my notes since I keep forgetting them and because my imposter syndrome is getting bigger that it starts to really hurt my confidence daily. When it does I usually go quietly alone and have a chocotop.

My Tech Stack

I am currently advocating the following technologies.

Ionic was the first technology that really intrigued me in 2014 based on an article from Raymond Camden. Ionic was really an eye opener and made creating mobile apps super easy considering that I absolutely hated Javascript during the beginning of my professional career.

Angular was a must to use Ionic, it started with AngularJS and then moving to Angular 2+. Gradually I accepted challenges to crate non Ionic Web Apps using Angular including Admin Panels and Web Apps.

The decision to try out NodeJS on the backend came naturally since I was using Javascript more and more. Most of my backends are using NodeJS now using either express or Loopback Framework.

And finally docker. Some people want to move all they have into containers while others are absolutely afraid of it. Personally I use docker for development and production and want people to embrace its simplicity also.

About Me

My name is Julian Alimin. I’m a programmer focusing on Ionic, Angular and NodeJs. I am working as a Special Projects Manager at DataOn (PT Indodev Niaga Internet) in Indonesia where I have been working since 2006 handling SunFish Go and new Ventures, but this blog, its content and opinions are my own.